Sunday, September 03, 2006

Last days' progress report

Some small pieces were completed before the last weekend, but due to camera cable difficulties they have been hiding in my memory card and refusing to come out. Don't know why, as they are cute and should be proud of themselves.

Item no. 1

nano iPod case

I made it with Sugar&Cream cotton yarn, and although I like the colors, I regret making the hole in the center. It isn't really useful or necessary, as I need the case more for protection inside my bag (things are moving a lot in there. It's a dangerous place for nano-things). But I like a feature I added after these photos were taken: little pocket at the back for the headphones.

Item no. 2

Cake and Cream

The cake was sooo good that I didn't manage to take a picture before it was all but finished! I used blackberries I hand-picked at a nursery, the process itself was so much fun! The cream is my usual home-made face cream, but this batch was rather unsuccessful. It took three tries to make it actually creamy. As usual, though, it smells great! This one has Neroli and Chamomile essential oils, a rather too flowery combination for me, but it's cheerful and satisfying.

Item no. 3


From Mason-Dixon Knitting, of course, which I bought only recently. The book has lots of fun projects, and I am already planning the next projects. But not before I finish what's on the needles. I 've ended up with 3 projects lately, which is too much for my habits. I usually have a portable and a non-portable project and that's it. More than that and it's certain to leave things undone. Problem is, I haven't been feeling like doing the math for the red sweater, and so I keep coming up with short-term home projects to keep me going in front of the tv. Which brings us to

Item no. 4

The picture is not very good at all, but the light in the appartment was terrible. All these clouds make it quite dark in here. It is a baby sock I am planning to inflict on a co-worker who is soon coming back from maternity leave. The yarn is Dalegarn Baby Ull in the middle of the three skeins I dyed last Easter after the eggs :-) I hope the socks fit. The baby will be about six months old, and I have a very vague idea of how big (or should I say small) baby feet are at that age. I only know they 're cute - why are baby feet so adorable?!!!

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