Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Warm paws

Blogging on a Tuesday? I must have something else to do... (like something with a deadline tomorrow. umm...)

I know I said that I will not post (much) on items I am making for gifts. This one is for me, though. My first felted slippers, in a wonderful cranberry color, unfortunately didn't last past the 2nd year. Even though we have carpeting floors, there were holes on the toes and heels. I was very sad to retire them (not sure what I will do with the parts that are still in good shape, but I am not throwing them away.)

So I made a new pair. I am definitely going through a grey phase, so of course the choice of colour was easy. Here they are, drying after their warm bath.

This time I will try to delay their wearing out, so I made matching soles for them.

Seven likes them. She says we now match.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Miscellaneous, snacks

I usually blog on weekends, but weekends have been busy lately. Some episodes were lost, but I 'll do my best to catch up, at least with the most memorable things.

On top of the list is the last glimpse of fall, in its full glory. Last week's view from hotel during the conference that ate up my time.

I have been very lucky this year, and got to see the foliage over several weekends in four different states, throughout a period of two months. I never think of having a 'favourite season', because I love all seasons with the same passion for different reasons.

I like how fall pleases the senses with vibrant colours, mild temperatures and diffused light. As it is the season I find the hardest to catch some years, I have been obsessed with it this year.

I bought some tea light holders the other day, which ended up on my coffee table.

They like to be lined up in a row and be lit in unison.

Crafting has been happening, but this year I am trying to keep some surprises for the recipients, so no gift posting until after Christmas. (yes, I have already started making things!) So, I 'll stick to posting about snacks for a while -- now that the last storm yesterday seems to have dropped the leaves even in New York. From now on, it's only dramatic silhouettes and bare branches on cloudy skies for the trees.

Pepper bread with goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes, and buttermilk

Pizza with homemade, whole wheat dough

Hot chocolate, laced with whisky

This one makes me dizzy to look at!
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