Sunday, October 28, 2007


Why are weekends so short? Though weekdays pass by pretty fast too.
I must be getting old.

This, all too short, weekend passed in a lovely, mellow rhythm. Saturday it was rainy, Sunday was glorious. There was some shopping

Fabric from Pearl River Mart

Skein of recycled sari silk from friendly Nepalese woman

... and some sewing

Another journal cover. I can't stop making them.

Finally, in the spirit of Halloween, Skid decided to turn from this

to this (note the ferocious fang!)

my yarn was scared!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Catching up

It's been a while since I had anything worth posting about. Life has been busy with... well, life. But this weekend I was inspired, and made a few flowers out of felt.

On Saturday they came in very handy during my 2-hour commute for what should take no longer than 35 min.... I was having so much fun making them on the subway, that I overheard two Italian tourists commenting on how calm I appeared in the midst of frustrated people. The joys of living in the big city.

I decided to applique them on one of the bright green pillow cases I made a while ago. The picture sucks, though - this photo-shoot was a last minute decision, and couldn't wait for daylight.

In other news, I made a spinach pie with ready-made dough and some odd concoction of "Egyptian feta" that bares no resemblance to the real feta. I thought the term was patented... Anyway, it was quite yummy and all that is left from it by now is an empty pan.

Finally, here's a sneak peak of Seven's new favourite FINISHED (no borders yet) blankie. I can see I 'll have to fight for the right to use it. So far, it was almost impossible to do any work on it, as Seven would run and sit on it as soon as I went near it. I have no illusions that she may have wanted to help. She just wanted to snuggle on it. She won the first round, but I can be stubborn too...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

During the last two weekends I 've been putting my 'weekend traveller bag' to work. This meant that I was too busy having relaxing pic nics with yummy snacks, taming a kitten, and exploring new places. Air travel, though, ensured that I could sneak in some knitting. Always on unfinished projects, some visible progress was made.

1. Sock #1. Made with the yarn I dyed myself. It was my first try at using different colours, and I got lucky. The green starts just before the toe increases!

2. A little sneak peak at the last two squares of Lizard Ridge. With the weather getting colder, it is the perfect time to begin crocheting the border, and then snuggling under it. The cats have been enjoying the progress of each and every square, and I can't whait for them to honour the blanket (and my lap) as soon as it is put to regular use.

3. Some cute japanese napkins I found on my last trip to Flushing. Not sure what I 'll make of them yet, but they were so pretty I could not resist

4. Finally, a quick project I whipped up in 10 min., just to see how it's done. I used an old tie and a pair of D-loops. I don't use belts very often, but this is a fun way to recycle ond ties

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