Thursday, November 29, 2007

Still here

I tried, I really did try to disappear off the surface of the earth (through snorkeling), but here I am again. I was away for the whole last week, and it was lots of fun, I got lots of rest, took tons of pictures and even did some knitting. But since I came back, it's been mostly work and coming home late, and making up with the kitties who have been quite mad at me for abandoning them for so long. And trying to get everything in order. So that I can focus on the final stretch and make everyone all the presents I have thought through and decided on.

Unfortunately, one of the effects of 'getting everything in order' is that I made vey busy plans for the entire Saturday, so no crafting for yet another day. Sunday better be a productive one. Why does creativity thrive around the 11th hour?

I think I have mentioned before how I don't like downloading photos into my computer through wires. So the over 500 (unsorted) photos from the Caribbean will have to wait a bit longer before they join their friends in iPhoto. Until then, Seven suggested I post a parting photo of her royal cuteness.

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