Saturday, September 27, 2008


Still no finished objects to report. There are many possible reasons for that. It is probably time for a list...
  1. Hectic life, with self-imposed stressful workdays and long commutes.
  2. Busy weekends, especially since every other weekend I seem to be travelling.
  3. I must be the slowest knitter on earth.
  4. Knitting is a slow craft, and I am impatient so things feel as if they take longer.
  5. My snuggle-deprived kitties demand the use of my hands to their service, rather than to knitting.
  6. In the mornings I seem to prefer reading or making lists to knitting.
  7. Although there has been a lot of travelling in buses (see 1-2), I haven't been taking advantage of all possible opportunities to add a few stitches (see 6).
  8. I also seem to prefer sleeping to knitting, but this is a good thing, right?

Culprit no. 1 (see list item #5)

But I missed writing here, and so here I am, with nothing to show and a whole list of reasons that could be interpreted as excuses by some ill-mannered people! I don't need to make excuses to myself or anyone, but writing down the list usually helps me understand how things lead to places and what can be done to change a situation.

Culprit no. 2 (see list item #5)

On the other hand, I have spent more time than usual thinking about knitting and visualising patterns, yarns, sweaters etc., which I found a useful learning experience. As a result, I have a nice list of plans (another list. Coming up soon.) for future projects, and I am planning to be very disciplined about it. At least I will update the list if I decide not to follow what is in there ;-)

Culprit no. 3 (see list item #5)

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