Sunday, August 27, 2006

Felting and what I like about it

I 've been felting (or is it fulling?)
During the summer I made this:

yes, I can see it too, they 're not identical. Big, huge mistake I have no excuse for either making or not correcting. I could blame the intense summer heat, the laziness, the vodka-orange drinks and the World Cup that were going on while I was knitting, but no. It was all my fault. sigh! Nonetheless, I threw them in the washer as I am planning to add a cuff anyway and I am hoping I can fix it then. If not, I 'll cry for an hour.

And out came this:

Aaah! isn't the top one perfect?! double sigh!

Just for the fun of it, I also threw in this (finger-monkey is in just for scale. He didn't go in the washer):

And out came this:

yipee! what a thrill! Finger-monkey likes it too.

So I 've been making more little cups to felt. Many more - they are addictive! I use them as an excuse to memorise techniques, because everything HAS to be a learning experience. It is my common excuse for spending so much time on knitting when I have billions of other things to do. Some are knit, some are crocheted. Aren't they cute?

I am hoping the flat things at the far left will turn out right for making lids on the two blue cups next to them. Now I have to find some clothes to wash! In sum, here's the list of what I like about felting:

  1. You can make things with holes and not worry about it.
  2. It is knitting, but it isn't.
  3. It is a miracle! Yarn is so amazing.
  4. There is always an extra thrill in the process.
  5. Historically, I 'd guess that felting is a process much older than knitting.
  6. Felted objects are very durable, nearly water-proof, and with a medieval flavor.
  7. They make me thing of 16th-century peasants' clothing, and I always like to think of 16th-century stuff.
  8. It promotes the washing of clothes and general household cleanliness (I put the felting bag along with regular wash).

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