Wednesday, August 23, 2006

TWO 11-hour bus rides later!

Indeed, after a series of unfortunate events we ended up in a bus Odyssey. Fortunately, I actually like buses - they have on me the effect that trains or ships have on others: they give me itchy feet and dreams of travelling. So, there was reading, sleeping, daydreaming, and of course knitting. As long as it did not keep my eyes off the clouds, that kept changing in amazing shapes and colors in both directions of the trip (sory, no pictures...).

Finished: a pair of wristwarmers. Picture is kind of boring, but how can one photograph a 3x2 rib tube in an attractive manner?

Yarn: Michaela, by Four Seasons (65% wool, 35% polyacryl)
Needles: 4mm circular

Now, I know that many people have reservations about the need and usefulness for fingerless hand-warming devices. On the contrary, I am a strong advocate of them. I used a pair last winter, and noticed several things I like about them. Hence my plan to flood the world with them! Here is the list of advantages ;-)
  1. Obviously, you can use your fingers at will, for whatever needs done.
  2. Contrary to popular belief, fingers actually do NOT get cold easily when the wrists and palms are protected.
  3. Wristwarmers are silent. Very important. I am very sensitive to a certain sound frequency, within which falls wool rubbing on wool over a certain temperture. I know, this sounds very obscure for most fortunate people who are indifferent to it, but imagine your warm, comforting gloves sounding like chalk screeching on a blackboard...
  4. Not having to take them off to perform all kinds of tasks (see 1.) means there are less chances of dropping and/or loosing them - or worse, one of them!
  5. They look COOL!
I also began working on a sock. Am I the only one who doesn't like turning a heel? Even with short-row heels, it is the worst part of sock-making. Progress pictures coming soon.

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