Monday, October 09, 2006

I 'm back!

Some break I took. Possibly a reflection of transition in more than one ways. It certainly was a reflection of my knitting progress.

I just finished a pair of socks with two different heel options. Sock #1 has a badly-made short-row heel with tons of holes where I tried a skp instead of anything smarter in the place that usually causes trouble (we all know where that is). Now I know skp's are not a good idea. Sock #2 has an afterthought heel, which looks really nice but has two drawbacks: the entire heel came out slightly smaller than in #1, although not as noticeable as to make me want to do something about it. Good thing heels have limited sensitivity! However, my kitchenered edges never come out entirely smooth, and this bothers me more on a heel rather than on a toe. So, all in all, I think short-row heels remain my favourite method - or lesser of three evils (I don't like heel flaps at all. Don't like the way they fit my skinny heels, don't like the way they look on other peoples' otherwise wonderful creations).

On other news, the Red Sweater is once a gain a pile of red, curly yarn. After 3 skeins in the wrong direction and several weeks lying untouched, I decided that it was time for action. It isn't me, having such a lovely yarn sitting like that for long. But I ended up not liking the stitch pattern I chose, and therefore it all went back to its magical zero. I am always so impressed by the fact that knitting has no knots, and it can disappear without a trace. Makes me think of the Forbidden City, with its reputation of having no nails. I wonder if it would be as easy to unbuild the whole thing and come up with something new using all the same materials - heh!

And while I was at it, I unravelled a cowl I made over the summer, with the loveliest yarn ever, that didn't deserve to be a cowl that was just too wide for my neck. I am redoing it, using some cables and some 30 stitches less, for a more tight fit. Fingers crossed it fits around my head, as I 'm not sure this yarn likes to be unravelled much.

No pictures again - a pile of curly yarn waiting to have its bath isn't all that much of a progress shot anyway. Ah! well...

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