Saturday, March 31, 2007

April fool's day

Maybe, maybe not.
I still have no decent camera to take pictures of projects, even though funds, decision and specs have been allocated to the purchase of one. I guess I 'm not the shopping kind - which, in our day and age, makes me feel like something from another planet. sigh.

Anyway - I have indeed been knitting, sewing, crocheting all sorts of things, that may have to remain in list form since no pictures are available.

1. a bunch of winter hats, for L, myself, friends, kids of friends. Favorite one: red one made with 1 skein of Noro Kureyon (color number xxx?) (for me)
2. two pairs of flap gloves. I made some modifications, but essentially followed the Handknit Holidays pattern
3. eight squares of Lizard Ridge in different colors (I couldn't pass on the opportunity to play with the colors!)
4. several sewn bags, of inceasing craftsmanship (ranging from -5 to +3. doing good!)
5. eight granny squares (out of, oh! who 's counting!). Now, I 'd never want a granny-squared blanket in my house, but I really wanted to make one. Luckily, I found someone I can inflict it on, and they can't quite say 'no' as it's a wedding present. Heh.

  • Serious affection growing towards Noro colorways.
  • Also serious affection growing towards the contrast of small/large projects, such as the ones which fool you that you are making progress because you finished a square, whereby ignoring that you still have (oh! who's counting) more to do.

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