Wednesday, August 29, 2007

For lack of project photos

Have I mentioned how much I hate sticking wires to my (new and wonderful) camera and computer and downloading photos? I don't know what bothers me so much. Is it the minimal effort of finding the wires, which usually are within arm's length in a drawer? I can't really tell. But I have a feeling that if my computer had one of these slots where you stick the memory card in directly I 'd do it more often. Or maybe I 'm just saying that because my computer does NOT have one of these slots, so it's safe to complain.

In any case, today I 'm all about making lists. ("today?"!!). So here's what I did today on the crafty side:

1. decided on the pattern of the next 2 bags I want to make. I have recipients in mind

2. made a drawing of an image I 've been holding in my mind for several days now. It is what I consider already my favourite spot in my future house. In this beautiful daydream, I am curled up knitting on a cosy sofa, looking at the lit fireplace (indeed!), and looking out the glass panes on the door to my left. The white fence shields me from the neighbours, and all I can see is the rain falling. In the grey light my plants and potted herbs are shining and bright green. -- Of course I have no photo of this. Believe me, your imagination is doing a much better job

3. paid bills. (o.k., this is not crafty, but it had to be done, and I had to mention it)

4. cooked an ingenious combination of what needed urgent use in my fridge, and I 'm quite pleased with the result. Fried onion and bacon, added broccoli and carrots, then orzo (κριθαράκι), water, salt & peper, and some tomato sauce. Boil for 20-30 min., turn fire off, add cheese.

As for the photo of the day, I 'll go with the usual moto: 'When In Doubt, Post Kitty Photo'

Who wants her photo posted today?

I do! I do!

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