Sunday, December 09, 2007

Making and learning

My gifts list is getting smaller and smaller, while the proud pile of finished items is growing.
I have enjoyed every step of making these gifts, and this is much more to say than frantically trying to shop for something appropriate for everyone (I am not a great fan of shopping, have I mentioned that?).

Here is what was made in the last couple of days:

pot holder no. 1

pot holder no. 2

A new computer deserves a new padded sleeve

Yep, it is a good idea

Gravity-defying bag holder

Hat 1 of 3

I tried to learn a new trick or technique in every project. O.k., the wooly hats had nothing to teach me, but they are done with doubled worsted-weight yarn on 7mm circular needles, so they are really good comfort knitting. I have one more to make, and each took 2-3 hours from start to finish.

I have always wanted to play with log cabin design, and the pot holders were a good start. I was pretty careless about measuring things, so I 'd cut 2 pieces, sew them, measure the result, cut the next... Tedious. Consequently, these two took the longest to make compared to any of the rest of the pieces.

For the computer case I used my snap pliers for the first time. I need more practice, I kind of messed up this part! I also tried to figure out the most convenient (for me) way of making pen holders, and although I am very happy with today's end result, I haven't found the ultimate pattern (yet). As for the bag holder, I like the method I used, a slightly modified version of this lovely tutorial.

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