Sunday, December 16, 2007

"Ετέλειωσα!", φωνάζει...

Another two items were added to the finished list today. L was here, playing in his 'play room', and it was nice to have someone to share the process with. In fact, he helped with a great idea for this book cover:

It is for a specific book, and I got the measurements briefly, but I haven't had it with me to fit accordingly. So, instead of my usual pattern I came up with two bands, so that the covers can be slipped through and be more flexible with the size.

When I showed it to L, he suggested that I add the corners, to keep it on more securely. As they were added later, it made the cover slightly smaller, but as a pattern I am quite pleased with the result, and very proud of L, who came up with the idea. It does give the whole thing an old-world look, doesn't it?

I also finished the first project I made, brother's hat. After searching frantically everywhere, I found the hat, cut a strip of flannel and added the lining.

I am finally done with the sewing projects I was planning to make. There are still a few knit items, namely two more hats, but these are easy, and I can do them on the subway. My problem with the sewn projects was that I need day light and with the days being so short I can only work on them during the weekends.

So, after a hard day's work, I had a last cup of coffee with the sewing machine, before she went to sleep for a while:

Τώρα μπορώ να παίξω!

(Yes, these are Oreos on the side. What can I say, I am a recent convert!)

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