Saturday, December 06, 2008

Cheese and dough

Last weekend we made bread. It was a "beer and cheese" bread from my bread-recipe bible (sorry, no link this time).

You 'd think that beer and cheese would produce something heavy and yeasty, but the recipe also called for a cup of sugar, which made the end result a bit too sweet for my taste. I have resolved that I like most fermented breads, such as sponge breads or sourdough. We are working our way through the book, however, trying different recipes and sort of rating them, so this try was one more page checked.

I also made courgette and cheese pies. The filling came out great (I added 1/2 pack of tofu that was looking at me from the fridge shelves, and it made the filling very soft and fluffy). I was feeling experimental, so I made a few different shapes to see if I prefer any of them to the usual half-moon / seam on the side type.

Although any of them with the seam on top were good, preventing spillage while cooking, we both agreed that the open baskets were the best idea, both visually and in taste.


Here is the sampler. I also liked the two in the center column, bottom two rows. I liked that the tucked-in edges didn't become too dry after cooking.

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