Saturday, February 07, 2009

F is for...

My favorite month. Yipee!

Food From Flushing.
Who said winter food isn't colorful? A quick trip to Flushing produced this:

and this: (although highly unseasonal, and thus certainly with a huge eco-footprint, cherries in the winter was something I couldn't resist.)

I also bought ingredients for my next long-term South Indian Food project: idli. Where you are supposed to put together this:

let it Ferment and cook it in this:

and come up with Fluffy, white, delicious disks of rice cakes (no photo yet. Still in progress!) I made a batch, which looked right, but due to unforeseen linguistic and technical obstacles (ehm..), it didn't quite taste right. I am determined to make it work, though, so stay tuned.

Finally, here 's a progress shot of my Lettuce coat:

In the pattern, the order in which this cardigan is made is very liberating: top back, top fronts, join together, knit all the way down, add sleeves, add collar, add borders.

Liberated, I decided to switch things around even more (I guess I knit just like I cook: rebelliously), so I am doing things in an even more twisted order: top back, top fronts, join together till waist, sleeves, collar, knit down to hem, add borders.

This way I 'll know exactly how much yarn I have left, so I can make the cardigan as long as I want without the stress of yarn shortages. And as everything is top-down anyway, I can even make the sleeves longer if I decide so - this Freedom is my favorite thing about making a garment this way. And no seams, of course.

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