Saturday, March 07, 2009


It is March, and that means only one thing: it's time to wear my sunscreen amulet!

Wearing the red-and-white bracelet is one of the few Greek traditions that I actually revived since I began living abroad. It was particularly funny to do so in Edinburgh, where there is little sun during March - or any other month, really. Here in New York, it is mostly an interesting conversation starter, as there are many cultures that attach significance to a bracelet like that, but it means very different things. As I am very interested in such cross-cultural examples, it is always fun to hear the stories.

It is definitely March: the month when spring begins, and the month of contrasts. Needing protection from the sun while all around you there is snow. I took the above photograph on purpose, not to show off my neighbors' messy terrace, but to show off the snow we had. The last storm we had was a windy one, and even in the ugly city there were some interesting snow sculptures. This is what was hanging above my bedroom window:

For the snow or nature deprived, here are some more photos from my last trip to MA.

A walk in the woods

Ghost trees

Frozen puddle

Treading water

In crafty news, knitting slowly gives way to more sewing. I resumed my efforts to making fabric collages, and made this:

I am not really impressed by the result, but it was consciously an exercise. I have plans for all these little exercises I will produce in the process, so it doesn't bother me too much that it isn't something that can stand alone.

However, my fabric collection doesn't really help. Most fabrics I have are either solid colors, or have too large and defined prints, which aren't suitable for what I have in mind. I believe a trip to a fabric store is due. heh...


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