Sunday, April 29, 2007

Random projects

The first of these bags was made with fabrics I found in a little Indian store, and the other two in a closedown sale of an Iranian store in the fashion district. They were made loosely based on this very helpful tutorial:

A bag can never be too big...

This one has a zippered pouch in the middle,
and cellphone and metrocard pockets.

I also wanted to use some of the fabrics I bought years ago, in Belgium. Back then, I was using an antique Singer hand-operated sewing machine I had bought at a thriftstore in Edinburgh. I would buy patchwork patches and small amounts of fabric every now and then, but never felt my skills were good enough to make anything with them. I am hoping that with my more concentrated practice I will feel both inspired and confident enough to start using them.

These potholders are certainly not perfect, but I learned a lot from making them. In fact, I learn a lot from each project I make, no matter how simple- it's so exciting! Once I accepted the limitations of my knowledge and did not have high expectations of my projects, I was able to concentrate on the learning process and the joys of it.

L. picked the fabric. I think he did a great job!

Finally, yesterday I turned the heel on sock #2 of this pair. It is my usual "56-stitches / turn heel over 30 with short rows" recipe. I just hope we have one more cool day, for me to wear them once before I put them aside for the summer. Not that I 'm complaining that warmer weather is finally coming our way!
Even though I have really small feet,
they still ENORMOUS next to Seven's!!!

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