Saturday, April 28, 2007

Square arrangement

The lizard ridge mini blanket has been waiting for its final step for a while now. I made a few modifications, namely I made each square with 5 repeats instead of the suggested 4. This results in more rectangular 'squares' (or should they be called 'patches' since they are not square?...). Also, it is meant to be a wrap, rather than a blanket. Something to keep me warm while in the move, so it didn't have to be as wide.

Taking photos of possible arrangements helps me to decide, and this project is quite challenging, with all the different hues and colours in each square - sorry, patch. So far, I have come up with these possibilities:

1. Gradual, diagonal focus

2. Gradual, Darks and lights mixed

3. Gradual, darks and lights on opposite sides

4. Dispersed. Not my favourite option so far

Sunny doesn't care, as long as she can sleep on it.

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