Saturday, April 14, 2007

Working on...

I was so happy to realise I don't have enough handknit socks for spring! Naturally, I made sure to rectify this as soon as possible. Thanks to a long flight and plenty of hours chatting with family, I got this:

It is sock #1 of my tried and tested mindless pattern: CO 56 stitches (yes, small feet, thin ankles), with short row heels over 30 stitches. I like the cable running at the back of the sock, kind of like a secret joke. And of course, the good thing about small feet is that socks are finished in a blink!

I 've also been working on - what else, a granny square blanket. So far there are 9 done, all in various combinations of the same 4 colours. It is so much fun making each one at random, without really paying attention at how colours are combined. I really enjoy the fact that each one came out so different from the others. As the blanket is supposed to be mostly sage, though, I foresee more sage in my near future.

Spring is also inspiring me to organise and tidy up a bit. So I turned this:

into this:

so it can hold this:

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