Saturday, May 26, 2007

Reason or insanity?

I know I said I wouldn't be posting pictures of the fateful multicolored project. Then again, Mrs. Ulysses should have taken lessons from me, I am now convinced of the fact.

Because once all pieces were sewn together, I took a good look at the whole thing and was very unhappy with it.

Yes, too bloody long...

So, I did what any reasonable (see post title) girl would do: go with the (original) blanket purpose of the Lizard Ridge, and learn not to be too innovative all the time. Sigh!

Fortunately, it will make a fine t.v. blanket with just two more blocks. And even more fortunately, I have plenty of yarn now, so I picked the two that seem like they will fit the blank spaces without necessarily having to undo and reorder all the blocks.

Of course, as the myth would have it, undo-and-reorder WILL prove necessary once they are done, but we 're not telling this to the suitors yet, are we?

However, the Beachcomber Tunic has precedence at the moment, so updates on this will have to wait for a while. Go get some ice cream, dear suitors, it 'll be a while.

In more productive news: I have been wanting to finish a book that I borrowed from a co-worker, but it has been ages since I touched it. Most of my reading time is in the subway, and this means keeping the book in my bag, with lots of other relevant (and not always) stuff. This results in a lot of wear & tear for books, and I don't want to damage a borrowed book. So I made a book cover, like the ones I have seen and admired in this blog.

Of course my sewing skills are rather elementary, but it will do the job, and I had fun making it. In fact, I had so much fun, that I think I 'll make more. Hopefully fixing the problems I created for myself on this one will mean that the next ones are more presentable, so I can inflict them on some of my victims... ehm... friends.

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