Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy New Year!

Lots of my good intentions over the holidays were fulfilled, some were not. The theme of this trip was digging into traditions: culinary, crafty, family history, etc. Partly intentional, partly just going with the flow. My childhood sounds so unimaginative and boring compared to that of my mother's!!!

Although a large portion of my time was spent in the kitchen, helping in the preparation, consumption and cleaning-up of dishes such as this:


or this:
Κατσικάκι στο φούρνο με πατάτες & φρικασέ

there was still some knitting. Mostly mindless knitting, so that I wouldn't be too distracted from what was going on around me. What was most fun about it was the setting and company: by the roaring fireplace, listening to stories or chatting about anything that comes to mind. Very often I had the feeling that if I closed my eyes and imagined a source of light other than electricity, I could be part of a timeless gathering.

It certainly was more fun than productive. After many attempts to guess my mother's head size correctly, I gave up and bound off for a neck warmer:

My first attempt at spinning

There is more, but I am keeping it for the next installment. Heh.
Happy New Year!

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