Sunday, January 13, 2008

Progress on all fronts

I am reaching the end of yarn supplies for the clapotis, which is growing nicely. Love the colours (colourway 148)

It is so much fun to knit it! Although Noro Kureyon is kind of sticky, and the dropped stitches are kind of a pain to drop. Nevertheless, it is one of the most comforting knits I 've had in a long time, and now that it is getting longer I get to enjoy its warmth already.

This glove cuff is now a fully grown mitten, almost 2/3 done, and its little brother is growing alongside (twins!). They will end up being a pair of fingerless mittens with flap, my usual pattern, made as a 'thank you' for a friend who was kind enough to take care of the kitties while I was away. The yarn is Harrisville Design, Orchid Line, and the small amount of silk content makes it a great pleasure to knit with. I am positive that the reason they have grown so fast was a combination of gratitude and the yummy yarn (and the first season of Charmed on dvd).

Another mindless knitting project, these dishcloths are multiplying themselves almost without me noticing! Seriously, I must have been on the phone when I cast on for this one, because I can't remember deciding to start a new one!

I also made some green food. Fava comes in 2 colours, or so it seems. I went for the green version, and it came out quite a success for a first try. It looked seriously sinister when it was bubbling away, all green and steamy! Love it!

I am lucky to have such good friends, who surprise me with goodies despite my lameness in reciprocating.

As for keeping things tidy, so far so good. I noticed that if I have a designated place for something, sooner rather than later it will find its way there. It is the stuff that has been wondering homeless, so to speak, that creates the clutter that seems to solidify. So little by little I make sure to attack the target areas and clear off clutter, to make room for what is actually in use.

Next target: the bathroom cabinet! sigh...

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