Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Travel guide: part 2

Last weekend my brother was visiting, and we had a nice time walking around town, browsing at stores and random art. It is indeed a sign of civilisation when a city offers its inhabitants the pleasure of art for no apparent reason and expecting no direct return.

Hello Kitty statue. It does count as art, right?

These two are on the east side, on the way to the MOMA, kind of putting you in the mood for modern art. We didn't need much persuasion, but we were happy to see them just as well.

Five panels from the Berlin Wall

Once inside the museum, I tried to enjoy the experience for myself rather than spend the entire visit behind the camera. So very few pictures were taken, and even less came out good.


Not surprisingly, the museum was great fun, with lots of interesting installations, exhibitions as well as its permanent collection.

Andy Warhol

Our only regret was that we only allowed for 4 hours, which was tiring. A ticket, however, is good for multiple entries during the entire day, so we wished we 'd gone earlier, break for lunch and continue without rushing. Now we know.

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