Saturday, May 03, 2008

Silvery grey

It is a very grey Saturday. Which is fine, because 'Saturday' in my mind has always been a lead-grey coloured day (am I the only one who thinks of days in colours? Always done it, since I was a kid.) As a result, all silver, grey, charcoal colours stick out in my mind today, from the foggy overcast sky to the grey projects in my finishing line.

One of them was indeed grey: this skirt, that I started making about a month ago, with some linen-looking cotton and following step by step the instructions in this book. Only the facing and the hem were left undone, but I had been kind of afraid to finish it on the day I started it. Not today - in fact, I did all the remaining steps without reading any more directions. It didn't come out perfectly, but certainly good enough.

I feel I will get to wear this skirt quite a lot, it is just the neutral kind of clothing I feel comfortable with, and I hope it doesn't look all that 'homemade'. I think it's the darts ;-)

Seven, of course, being the quintessential silvery-grey household member, insisted on being there all the time. She is right here next to me as I type. She was there for the photo-shoot.

She was there as I measured and pinned the hem. Skid joined in the fun.

Meanwhile, Sunny was watching from nearby, lying on the Lizard Ridge blanket, because she knows its colours make her look particularly radiant.

Okay, okay, you caught me. Sunny's picture was taken on a different day. The discerning eye will notice Seven's ear behind Sunny (top right). They all like this colourful, expensive, time-consuming blanket, as if it was made for them. Not in their dreams - it's mine, MINE!!

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