Thursday, June 19, 2008

Curtains and villages

I 'm back. I have no excuse for my absence, it just happened. There has been lots of crafting, but without the blog in mind I tended to not take photos as consistently, and perhaps this was the reason I decided to come back and entertain you with what I 've managed to get.

I made a little village - my first one, I would say. I liked the process, but got stuck on the final bits, so no finished picture yet. Here are some progress shots.

I added black tulle, as suggested in the instructions, but the end result wasn't very successful. The tulle puffed up quite a lot, and it was too late to take it off. I took it as a learning process so I didn't mind much, but I think next time I won't use any.

See? the sky turned out very puffy. How annoying!

Anyway, I also whipped up some quick curtains made with scarves I bought from my favourite store of late: a little store on my way from work, which has made a fortune out of me. Perhaps I should find another way to go to the train, if I want to avoid drooling after (and indulging in) their ever-changing merchandise.

My favourite action shot!

Finally, here's a glam shot of Skid. Fabrics hanging down the ironing board seemed appropriate for her to pose, and I obeyed.

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