Sunday, June 29, 2008

Yoga mat bag etc.

I have been thinking of making a bag for my yoga mat for a while now. Research in what is available to buy gave no interesting results, although I admit I didn't look in the right stores. What I saw was plasticey, rough materials in not so nice colours, with plasticey straps that would swish annoyingly on my clothing. I can get very picky with the sound of clothing and objects.

Come to think of it, the way things sound is one of the least noticed features people seem to consider when buying things. That would explain the swishy overcoats, flappy flip-flops, squeaky bags... Perhaps the most noticed (and popular) is the clicking high heels, on which many people actually have strong opinions, negative and positive. Where am I going with all that?... Anyway, the good news is that my bag is not only soft and to my liking, but it is also very quiet. A stealth bag! hurrah!

I used this lovely tutorial to make it - thanks Myam!

I also made something I 've been wanting to put together for a while. Our bathroom has little (read: none) shelf space, and there are all these things that one uses every day. The cabinet behind the mirror is already full, so lots of things had been hanging on travel pouches, which are very useful but had become an eyesore.

It is just a long base with pouches, using some of the fabrics I find most cheerful. It should help with cheering me up during those difficult moments of pre-coffee mornings ;-)

It hangs by a loop, which also acts as fastening with a button at the back. I also left some space at the top for sliding a hair pin to keep it flat, and it works great.

I also bought some nice fabric squares, and planning to play with them after this, so stay tuned!

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Myam said...

looks good :)

love the contrasting fabric :)

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