Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thinking of food

There has been much knitting and quilting, but no finished objects to show. Sewing is much more active and focused, and allows me little time to think about other things, but knitting is perfect for scheming and planning your next move.

So I have been thinking a lot about bringing my diet (as in 'eating habits' rather than the 'loose weight' definition) to a better place. I have long accepted the fact that good eating habits require serious organisation and discipline, which in turn translate to better energy levels and mood. And this is never more important than when time is tight.

Quick and healthy snacks are always an area that I like to expand. Here is one of my favourite quick snacks: a whole cube of silken tofu cut in cubes, and sprinkled with soy sauce and green onions. I can eat the whole thing in a sitting.

Looking at the beauty of food during its preparation is another way to bring back focus to nutrition at rushed times. So often we just throw together meals with our mind to the next task, that we may loose what's right under our nose.

Moong dal has been another quick dish that is not only pretty but especially comforting. The trickiest part is finding the yellow lentils, but once they are in stock, it is fun to make and tastes great. It's also orange-yellow, and I am particularly attracted to orange-yellow foods

... and mugs. I love looking at orange and yellow when I have my morning coffee.

Looking for the right kind of breakfast is my next goal. I am trying to get away from my usual sandwich, no matter how brown the bread and how red the tomatoes in it. As autumn approaches I find myself thinking more and more of something warm and more liquid, like oatmeal with an open end to added treats. We just came back from Trader Joe's with bags full of dried fruit and healthy-snack ingredients, so that should help.

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