Sunday, May 20, 2007

Penelope's wrap

Poor Penelope would have been better off making this wrap, instead of weaving and unweaving the same thing, and therefore being rather obvious to her intentions. In my case, every step feels like taking one forward, and three back.

After the decision to make two more blocks, which are now blocking happily next to each other,

... I laid out all the rest of the blocks, and pulled out all the colours in my stash that could work for the border. I was looking for the yarn that would be compatible with the majority of the colours in the blocks.

"What a great way to use some of my lingering leftovers", I thought foolishly.

Of course, the winner would have to be the lovely green (Patons Classic Merino in Leaf Green), of which I only had this much:

So off I went, through an Odyssey of weekend bus and train schedules, buying two more skeins of the same colour. Fortunately, the different dyelots aren't that different, so I can use the old and new together. And, although I anticipate leftovers, I really like this yarn, so I don't mind. It felts like a dream, and gets softer by use.

The good news is that I am now ready for the finishing stages: sewing together and crocheting the border. I 'm ready to end this project, which has taken a long, long time and has tested my patience (but never my perseverance) many times. And, as evil air-conditioning season has just began, I 'd better hurry up! I have a feeling I 'll make the best use of it during the summer, the most unlikely time of the year for an all-wool wrap!

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