Saturday, May 12, 2007


I have been playing with different layouts and color schemes for the blog. Still not determined to stick with this one, but it will do until the next moment of inspiration.

Sometimes I am amazed at my long-term patience. After joining together with safety pins all the patches from my mini lizard ridge, I decided that it isn't long enough, and would not have enough drape. And that I need two more patches. Fortunately, due to my obsessive purchases of Noro, there is no shortage of it in my stash (for now). However, this little one is made by the leftovers from the other patches, and only finished off at the bottom with actual new skeins.

Unblocked. One down, one to go!

In granny-square news, I was inspired by this incredible blanket and its even more incredible offspring, and made some small squares to spice up the medium sized ones. They are now called medium-sized, because I think I like the little ones, so I will keep them, and will also make some bigger ones to make it more interesting. Of course it won't have the colour variety of the Babette, and the squares are a different kind, but that was only inspiration anyway. However, perhaps I see a real Babette in my distant future ...

Finally, I took over some underused corner of the house and set up my sewing machine.

Just in time, as look what I bought in my last trip to the fashion district:

Oh, how ambitious of me!

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