Sunday, May 13, 2007

A typical weekend excursion

O.K., so in New York we don't get to enjoy much nature. Still, the parks are lovely, and today I spent a fun 20 min. chatting with interesting and friendly strangers and taking in the festivities around. Since spring came, I always stop at the park on my way to the healthy food store.

Quite typical for spring and summer weekends are also the street fairs. There, like in the bazaars of old times, one can see and buy lots of interesting things:

colourful things

... and more colourful things (they are fridge magnets!)

yummy things (didn't have any)

funny things

scary/sad things

and much, much more to see and eat. The sun was shining, the place was buzzing, the air was full of smells from the grilled meats on offer, and people seemed leisurely and relaxed.

In crafty news:
another notebook cover

and something to keep my books open

Hope your weekend was also nice!

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