Sunday, March 16, 2008

Behind the scenes

It has been all hard, diligent work and no glamour the last two weeks. I had a severe case of 'finishitis' and decided to focus on making some progress on all kinds of basic tasks that are essential for a finished project to happen. In the meantime, I finished the last two hats of the year, but since I 've by now made so many hats I almost don't count them as projects. It feels very frivolous to say so, but it is the case. Hats are more like eating snacks - not a real, nutricious meal that will fill you up for a while.

One hard decision that had been made a while ago was the demise of the second Hourglass sweater. The yarn, Knitpicks Andean Silk, just didn't fit the final project in my mind. Lucky for me I had forgotten how far I had got into the sweater before I pulled it out of its hiding place for unraveling: only half a sleeve and the yoke was left to be done. Eeeek! But unravel I did, followed by a soak, dry, and with the help of my faithful swift I rewound it into 6-7 shiny yarn-bombs. In fact, I made a few more yarn-bombs with different yarns, while I was at it. Once you get started, it's kind of fun!

Yarn previously known as The Red Barn Sweater

Other projects that have been progressing with finishing determination include the Beachcomber Tunic, that is approaching its first birthday, and the Granny Square blanket, that I am guessing should be approaching adolescence by now... Will March be the month when I post one of them as a finished object?

All that basic work, however, does not yield fancy photographs. But a post without photographs is boring, even for me, so here are some more pictures from my last (and sadly not-so-recent-anymore) trip down South.

My shadow gained at least 50 lbs!

The fireplace was hardly effective to keep the room warm,
but it sure looked pretty!

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