Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thinking ahead (and back)

Catching up with a bunch of little things that didn't get mentioned or photographed recently. I really can't figure out why I am so very, very lazy with locating these camera wires.

A couple of weeks ago I was wandering in SOHO and indulged on some green yarn. I can't resist green yarn. I am thinking of making a hat with it, but it will have to wait for next year. As mentioned, I 'm done with hats for this winter.

The irresistible rise of Green Yarn

This is one of the two last hats of the year that I mentioned earlier. It is for L, who likes them to sit small on top of his head, and it is also his own design.

L's hat. Designer: L.S.

I have been thinking of making a yoga platform for myself, something to spread on the carpet underneath my yoga mat. The best place in the house is right in front of one of the entrance doors, the one we have got to use most of the time lately. It is quite dirty as a result, as even if you take your shoes off inside the house, this part is inevitably stepped on with shoes. At the moment I am using a nice woven rug, but I decided to make a thin quilt for the purpose. I know it will take quite a while, especially as this will be my first quilt, but it doesn't really matter. In fact, I am looking forward to the time and effort I will need to put in for it.

During my impromptu trip down South last week (more on this later), I did my usual pilgrimage to JoAnn's fabrics and bought the fabric I will need. I will aim for the What A Bunch of Squares pattern from this book. I say 'aim for' because I seem to find it impossible to follow directions faithfully, despite the fact that I know it would be for my own good. The colors in my browser look much more grey than they are in the reality, and there is a dark blue piece of fabric that isn't included here, but you can tell the general idea.

On the long drive down South, the flight back and during a sick day yesterday I worked and finished the first of the Lorna's Laces wristwarmers. Unfortunately, Skid liked it so much that she wouldn't let me try it on to photograph. That's the best I could do - messy, I know. It is a modified version of the Monkey socks lace pattern, shrunk to a 14-stitch repeat to fit my preferred number of stitches (56).

The decision to drive was very impulsive and unexpected, and I had about 20 min. to get everything together. When I grabbed my camera I didn't think to check the battery level, which was very low. Not too many photos, therefore, of the beautiful ride. I seem to have been fascinated with roads and paths, though, because this is pretty much all I took.

I love road trips as much as I hate road movies!

There may, or may not be a subconscious symbolism in my theme choices, but I 'll spare you the vineyard philosophy (I literally translated αμπελοφιλοσοφία!) .

We had a lovely time taking a walk down the rail tracks,
covered in dead leaves that squeaked under our feet.

Home stretch. The back window of our apartment looks
straight onto the white, blooming tree.

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