Saturday, March 29, 2008

Guide to the Knitting Listmaker Papers

Today I got the urge to put all the bills in order. Last time I had done it was sometime in Sept. 2006 - all neatly organised before then, messy piles after that. I continued the process to bring it up to date, and at the same time I pretended that I was wondering about the people (me) who paid those bills as if they were some collection at work, and I was trying to guess. It certainly helped the time pass quicker!

The difference is that at home I had help. It is a well-known fact that anything occupying my attention fully, especially if spread on the floor, is a target for rolling and sitting stubbornly on. Although of course I was very grateful for the help, I do understand why archives don't have 'house cats'! Unfortunately, I was on a roll and didn't even stop to take pictures.

Meanwhile, here's a nostalgic, parting shot of Assistant Archivist Skid during a study break in her early youth. She speaks many languages: kitty (first language), human Greek, human English. This was during the time she was taking human French lessons.

Crafting news coming soon.

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