Sunday, March 02, 2008

A weekend of sewing

It has been a while since I spent any serious time sewing. Knitting felt more wintry and relaxing. Meanwhile, however, projects have been pilling up in my list and inspiration. So I decided to focus on fabric rather than yarn this weekend.

customised pins

It must certainly have to do with spring approaching - the cooler, brighter colours and texture of fabric are suddenly very appealing.

quick bookmark

My levels of decisiveness are also given a boost. Especially in domestic matters. Among other things, I am getting in the mood to fix all the little things around the house that I have been thinking of fixing for ages and never did anything about it.

table napkins

Oddly enough, this creativity boost was encouraged by one of my character flaws. My ability to procrastinate is monumental. There are things on my list from 6-7 years ago.

coaster sets

Hard to top the instant gratification of small sewing projects. Especially when one has tons of already cut fabric pieces to the right dimensions, purchased ages ago on e-bay for the exact purpose of playing around with them.

more coasters

Today this worked well together with yet another character flaw of mine (obviously, I have more than one). I can get obsessed with some thing and want to keep making it. Like these super-quick coasters.

even more coasters

All this burst of colour and activity, however, has left me drained. Craft-wise at least. I am now ready to return to my knitting projects. Loyal, slow, steady, grounding knitting projects.

this one is for me

I also kind of feel like watching some t.v. and I can't really do that while sewing.

here it is, in action

For those who may be skeptical about the arrival of spring as yet, here is proof that (at least in the South) spring was already there last weekend.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

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