Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ο Φλεβάρης κι αν φλεβίσει...

I smelled spring last Monday, as soon as I came out of the house in the morning. I have been smelling it every morning ever since. The signs of spring are indeed everywhere. No pictures of it, yet. For now, spring remains an elusive feeling, a promise, that only my supersonic nose can catch.

However, there are pictures of the sky a few days ago. I always like it when the skies do weird things that are like inviting people to raise their eyes from the ground and stressful lives, and look up at the incredible happenings just above their heads.

Another piece of 'old news' is that I finally gave in and bought one of the incredibly cute Japanese aprons I found in Flushing. I don't really use aprons, but I realised that if I didn't buy one I would regret it in the future. And I am all about avoiding the unnecessary feeling of regret ;-)

Every apron has a different piece of fabric, and I wish I could buy them all! I had to make a choice, though. In the end, I always go for the greens...

Finally, here's another picture of Skid supervising my vigorous knitting progress. She has got into the habit of lying on my sewing table, which is next to my knitting-and-t.v-watching sofa, and she is incredibly interested in my diligence. This picture and the one from the previous post were taken on two entirely different days. Skid never lets her guard down!

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