Saturday, February 16, 2008

Playing around

Today I decided to play with freeform knitting/crocheting. I pulled out one of the 'yucky yarn' bags, which is full of acrylic yarns with harsh colors that make my eyes and fingers hurt, and started toying around.

The whole experience was quite liberating. Starting to knit without a plan tapped straight into an untouched pool of creativity and technique, which was exhilarating by itself.

It was also a great learning experience. Every piece made here is an answer to 'what will happen if I do this or that?'

Putting the shapes together reminded me of being a tourist in a new place, preferably an old medieval town with meandering narrow streets and something exciting to see every corner you turn. In places like that, I just walk around with no plan, letting whim and inspiration determine my path and enjoying the surprises of exploration.

Putting the colors together was challenging, due to the limited yarn supply. This, of course has nothing to do with inspiration, and everything with the bag that I pulled out. Not worried at all that when I work with better yarns it will be just as fun as all other aspects of the process.

For the time being, I wasn't even concerned with trying to control the direction to which I was going, or the shape to create. I was just enjoying myself. Like learning anything, taking time to play around without expectations in the beginning has benefits that are hard to grasp but are invaluable for the overall understanding of how things work.

With time, control will come naturally and I am looking forward to it, whenever and however it manifests.

For now, I 'll just put this rather horrid result aside and bask only on the pleasures of learning, even if the actual product is just as ugly as the yarn that created it!

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