Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekend highlights

The biggest news is that Lizard Ridge is done!

I made 12 rectangles, that were created out of one extra repeat from what the pattern calls for. Each patch took almost one entire skein, and was about 11x14 in. The end result was a comfortable 'siesta blanket', but no more than that. I don't think I could afford a full queen size version, even though given the length of time it took me to finish it it amounts to less than a skein a month!
Every step was great fun, however, and of course the reason for that was Noro Kureyon, and its never-ending color changes.

Here is the view of the blanket 'in action'

not a bad view right before you doze off for a nap

I also made lasagna, which turned out very yummy

While I was waiting for it to be cooked, I got the urge to sew.
Since the blue table next to my knitting sofa was officially designated sewing table, the cover of my sewing machine has been bothering me (it is always in the background of the Skid as supervisor pictures). It came along with the machine itself, made by its previous owner, obviously more for utilitarian rather than for aesthetic purposes.

I used a piece of some IKEA fabric I bought in Christmas, and whipped up a happier cover

much happier corner

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