Monday, February 04, 2008

Memory flash

I have been dealing with sketches at work recently. Lots of sketches, incredibly beautiful and expressive sketches, that are truly a joy to play with. As someone who was never particularly good at drawing, just looking at them amazes me and inspires me. It also makes me think a lot of my high school years, when I spent endless hours drawing cartoon stories while (sometimes) listening to the teachers' lectures. Ehm..

So, where am I going with all that?
It must be because of some odd crossing of wires between sketches, cartoons, and my new shoes, that something has been needling me insistently in the last couple of days.

Admittedly, only one other person on earth will understand this, but that's what my new shoes remind me of:


In crafty news, I have eventually decided upon an edging for the long-suffering blanket I am sure everyone is sick of hearing about.

So I spent two episodes of Charmed working on it, while Skid supervised

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Zefi said...

kala eisai api8ani!!!to lidoriki itan polu asteio plasma kai ta podarakia tou itan etsi.
oso gia ta papoutsia sou einai ekpliktika 8a i8ela kai go!!

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