Sunday, February 17, 2008

More finished stuff

After the ugliness of yesterday's adventures, here is something really pretty to reward you, my faithful reader(s?). The clapotis is done. Dare I say 'my first' one? It was fun to knit, and I can see another one in my future. But not yet.

At the moment, I am officially out of a large knitting project. I do have several projects in progress still, but they are either sewing or crochet projects. And I don't even count the 'little' knitting projects: hats, gloves, socks. They are portable, and serve another purpose in my life - that of keeping me sane outside the house.

On the contrary, large knitting projects are made at my sofa corner, with Skid curled up on my lap, with Sunny on the back of the sofa next to my head, with Seven demanding my attention while she kneads on said large project. Luckily, tomorrow is not only a bonus day off, during which I will have the mental space to plan and begin a new project, but I am also anticipating some yarn arrival to be put to work immediately.

Skid, naturally, wanted to be featured in the very first picture of finished clapotis taken. I indulged.

I also made a bookmark made from origami paper and a not-so-balanced tassel, but no pictures of that. It was whipped up and slid into my bedside book so fast that I didn't get a chance to take a picture of it.

I will post, however, a picture of the superfluous potato solution, i.e. baked chips, that took less than the bookmark to make, and even less to eat

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