Sunday, April 06, 2008

Spring blues turned productive

March was a month of preparation and stashing. I feel well-equipped for several projects coming ahead. The books, fabrics and yarns are all in place, waiting patiently to be reach the opt of the queue. O.k., my queue is a list of ideas, but not in order of priority, so it's always a surprise which project I will start next.

Often little ideas, especially quick ones, take precedence to fulfill a need. Such as this little booklet I collaged out of a publisher's catalog that came in the mail.

Other items, however, remain in the list for months, perhaps years, before inspiration strikes. In principle they are good ideas, but I am not sure about the final shape. Until the right fabric comes along, begging to be turned into this or that.

I also had a few birthday and (long) overdue Christmas gifts to make, but some of them I still can't post about as they have not been delivered yet, and I don't want to ruin the surprise.

In addition, when everyone else has winter blues, I skipped that and went straight to spring blues. In the end of the days all I feel like doing is comfort knitting. But with only an irritating crochet project that I am stubbornly trying to finish before I start anything new, comfort knitting actually meant swatching. So I am in the process of making swatches for all my sweater-quantity yarns. Ravelry really helps here, making the rest of the steps automatically, such as calculating yardage etc.

Meanwhile, the kitties have been up to something secret. I could not hear what they were plotting about, but I managed to take a photo...

They seem to be serious about it...

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