Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Adventures of Purple Pillow

One of the most constant presences in my life has been my beloved (and coveted) Purple Pillow. It was given to me by a friend of the family, sometime in the late 1970s. It has my name on it, and it is handpainted by another friend of the family, who has a gift shop in which the pillow was sold.

The little pillow had been laying around in my room for several years, without a serious use but being unable to get rid of it as it seemed like a useful thing - and it had my name on it. Until sometime in the mid-1980s I used it as a sleeping prop. At first I just put it between my elbows, so that the top arm wouldn't be hanging too much when sleeping on my side. After that it has found many more uses to make my sleep comfortable, and soon after I got my first sewing machine, I bought some purple silk and made two matching pillow cases for it. Ever since then, its name has been Purple Pillow.

It has been with me ever since, in all kinds of trips, sleep-overs, camping trips etc. It has ALWAYS been with me. The original filling has been replaced with feather and down, and other kinds of maintenance have been dutifully and lovingly performed as needed. In the last 20 years I must have slept without it no more than five times - and every time it was uncomfortable, Purple Pillow missed sorely. Purple Pillow is also very coveted. Everyone who sees it, thinks it's a great idea and asks if they can have it. Naturally, the answer is always 'No'!

Sadly, yesterday morning Purple Pillow had an accident... Skid needed to express herself, and part of her discontent landed on the edge of poor Purple. I only found out when I went to bed, so I had to put it aside, doomed to an uncomfortable night. So today, first thing after work was to cut open the inside casing (the one with my name on), which has certainly run its course.

Due to its many holes (which result in feather loss), it has now been retired, and a new, plain one took its place.

And here it is, in it's rightful place: my side of the bed!

Good night, everybody!

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