Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunflowers for a rainy day

It is gloomy today, not really what one would want for a Sunday morning. Needing a dash of sunshine, the next best thing is another mosaic. I love making those things!

Originally uploaded by ListmakerKat

This is from the solitary sunflower that found its way to my home, from a whole bunch delivered to a co-worker. She couldn't take them all with her, and didn't want to leave them alone over the weekend, so she generously offered them to the rest of us.

I love sunflowers, love their personality, and vibrant colours. This one reminds me of a girl wearing a bonnet, tightly tied under her chin. I also love how my new camera can take pictures almost from contact.

Obviously, no knitting news. I have reached the irritating stage in Beachcomber Tunic where I begin to wonder if I will run out of yarn or not. Aaaargh!

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