Sunday, June 24, 2007

The dots are taking over my life!

Yesterday I had lots of plans for the weekend. Plans that involved cleaning, cooking, reading, spending time outdoors - you name it. What did I do instead? -I fell victim to inspiration.

I came around this amazing idea in this wonderful blog, which kindly gave a link to this genius idea in this wonderful blog. After all this inspiration, how could I resist!

So I got myself a compass, some paper and a manila folder, and made templates:

Then I made some dots:

The process was super easy, almost meditative. So I made more dots:

LOTS of dots

In fact, I had to force myself to stop.
Initially I was planning to make a pillow, and see how it looks. No need for that, they 're all going to be on the bed cover (a.k.a. cat hair collector). I will hand-applique them, and then add a border etc. -I might need more dots for the border... ;-) I have no idea how to quilt it, I have never made a quilt before. I might make knots instead of actually quilt it, but that's not going to happen any time soon.

Pictured here, with Supermodel Seven

The way that cats insist to be part of each photograph of projects reminds me of car advertisements, where there is always a hot model there, whether it has anything to do with the product or not.

To prove my point, here is another shot, with my newly acquired quilting squares that came on the mail the other day.

200 of them!

I wanted to see and admire each and every one, so I sorted them all according to basic colour. Now, that's archival!

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