Saturday, June 16, 2007

Live music

Last weekend I bought a new skirt.

It was on the outside rack of a store in Jackson Heights, the Indian neighbourhood in Queens. I knew I had a winner when I saw this 'Kill Bill' skirt (she wears a long light blue skirt in the last scene, when she kills Bill. heh!), but it was obvious why it was marked down: the stripes were badly, barely seamed, the beads falling apart (it isn't clear in the photo, but there are a few ebroidered viney beads along the skirt). 'No problem, I thought, I can fix it with some knots and straight seams.' The first time I wore the skirt I got caught in the rain, the skirt got very, very wet, and very, very heavy. I had no idea how difficult it is to walk with a wet long skirt! Naturally, after that ordeal, the skirt was in desparate need of repair.

Tonight L. is rehearsing with a new group, playing some smooth, Latin music - and they are really, really good! So, I took a glass of wine and sat by the sewing machine. It is a warm, summer night. The cats gathered around me, at first trying to 'help' and then curled up and fell asleep. It didn't take long to fix the skirt. And then, just as I was about to finish, I paused and realised that I have done all that listening to some awesome live music! Free concert! Yippee!

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