Saturday, September 08, 2007

Alphabet City -A

I 've been enjoying reading the meme on people's thoughts based on the alphabet. Although it may be a bit too late (I 'm over a month late), I thought I 'd give it a try and see if I can finish the alphabet.

Some slight modifications arise even before I begin:
1. As my inspiration, along with everything else, is bilingual, sometimes the original words will have to be in Greek. I will translate (of course), and write out thoughts in English (I may also sneak in a Greek letter or two. I kind of like Ξ and Ψ...)

2. I tend to rename things/people in my head. In my mind this one is called Alphabet city.

(Image found here:

Αρχή (=beginning, start, n.)

  • On many occasions, such as in History, I think that beginnings are just a textbook convention, to help put order into time. I usually conclude that they are simply the next step from a situation that built up to it. Consequently, I have trouble understanding things as out-of-the blue beginnings, as I always look for what led to them.
  • I like starting a new project, although I have trouble finishing things. In fact, this contradicts another very true concept, of Κάθε αρχή και δύσκολη (=Every beginning is hard). It can be hard, fun, scary, exciting. Or it can just be the next step from yesterday.

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