Saturday, September 22, 2007

Little moments of joy

It is a dark, melancholic morning. Fall is upon us, and I 'm not ready for cold. But it's Saturday, and that means I 'm staying mostly home, repaying the kitties for their patience over my long absences during the week.

I was sitting on the sofa, in my usual place. Where I knit, read, watch t.v., do computer stuff. The other side belongs to the kitties.

Skid came and curled up next to me, I registered her presence and kept on doing what I was doing. Half an hour passed this way.

Suddenly I turned to her, and saw she was dozing off. I reached out to her and put my hand on her. She 'd been cleaning herself all this time, and her fur was slightly wet, smelling of wet wool. In her half asleep state, she turned her head and rested it on my hand, her breath on my skin.

Now it doesn't matter that it's a dark, melancholic morning and fall is upon us.

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