Monday, September 10, 2007

C - (my) camera

I really, really like my camera. It's been with me to so many places, and has helped me to keep things in memory. Not just that, it's helped me look for the beauty around me, see my surroundings in a different way. And often it has managed to capture these images close to the way I want them to look, while sometimes the result is a total surprise. Not always unpleasant.

I 've always liked to take photographs, but I am not particularly skilled in the use of machines. In fact, I 'd say I suck at it. So a good camera, with tons of settings and complicated numbers, measurements etc. is out of my range. What I like about my camera, then, is that it does a good job even for a technicaly challenged person like me.

Here 's just a sample of what we 've seen together lately:

I haven't been doing much knitting or otherwise crafting worthy to talk about. Just progress on things that I 've already posted about a shameful while ago. I don't even think I 'll have anything finished soon. sigh!

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