Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Things I like

1. Fall is here. This means I can wear some of my scarves, long-sleeved shirts and light coats. Digging them out of storage is like reuniting with old friends.

2. Knitting progress to report
2.a. Brother's wooly hat: check!

Modelled by: Lamp

Now it is just waiting to be fitted with a soft piece of (other) brother's flannel shirt, but that will have to wait until Christmas. My job is done here.

2.b. I made a few more squares for the granny blanket, AND managed to weave in all the ends.

I am discovering, however, that I don't really like the way it looks with the squares in different sizes. Once all the smaller ones are made the same with the rest, I will count again and post a percentage. So far, I will still consider it as of my 15% estimate.

2.c. Blue and green sock # 1 is at the stage of turning the heel. Once this is done, I can count it as 25% done.

3. Kitty company. As I write, all my girls are curled up around me, grooming and enjoying the peaceful company. Being with them is always in my list of 'things I like', whether I mention it or not.

4. Quick and yummy snacks. Today I made a smoothie by mixing a handful of almonds (skins removed), soy milk, and a banana. It was very filling and tasty, but not heavy.

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