Monday, September 03, 2007

August was supposed to be clothes-mending month. I have all these dresses and tops and skirts that need only a tiny bit of change to make them just right. Of course, I should have remembered my own hard-found words of wisdom: Don't bother making plans, as they never come out as you planned them. That's not to mean to just sit and let life take you places aimlessly. It just means that for me it is best to have solid, general ideas of what needs to be done, and wait for the right moments to carry out plans as opportunity appears. Much better than getting caught up in planning and be taken by surprise when things don't go as desired.

Anywayyyyyy... The only thing I managed to do was making a summer dress longer. My sewing abilities have a (very) long way to go, but here's what I did anyway

Fold dress in half and measure the bottom hem. Draw an extension of the side curve, and cut pattern paper. That is 1/4 of what the fabric piece should be. Lay on fabric folded in 4, vertical line on folded side.

Cut fabric. It should be wider than the dress, much wider if pleats are desired. I didn't, so I just left some extra fabric for the seams. Join at the hem first, then sides, then fix new hem.

Have husband or other poor unsuspecting individual take photographs (headless version optional)

I am quite pleased with the result, although in retrospect some extra fabric for a few pleats would have been better. I consider this a 80% success project.

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